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A prominent member of my Glasgow city guides, the Burrell Collection is one of the most impressive of its kind in Europe. Shared by Sir William Burrell with the city in 1944, his collection covers a huge range of pieces and styles. It stands as one of Glasgow’s proudest possessions.

Intricate tapestries, stained glass, medieval weapons, sculptures and paintings make the collection a true fest of art. Burrell’s life’s work is a thing of fascination and admiration. Instruments of death in the same aisle as the Buddha and the Virgin Mary say it all about the depth and variety on display. Worldwide in origin and boasting modern art as well as ancient civilisations, even the big guys like Rodin, Degas and Cézanne are covered. Speaking of which the famous statue of The Thinker is one of the most recognisable pieces in the building and a personal highlight of mine.

Burrell collection blog.

Christ depiction Burrell Collection blog.

Burrell Collection blog artwork.

Great effort and expense has gone into making the visitors’ surroundings as optimum as possible. The route around the items takes visitors under stunning Romanesque arches and doorways. There are also several rooms that have been reconstructed to mirror rooms in Burrell’s home at Hutton Castle.

As one of the world’s greenest cities, it’s great to see that so many of Glasgow’s best attractions are homed in our park spaces. The Collection is within the vast grounds of Pollok Country Park and a trip to Pollok House is an obvious add-on to a visit. It gets better still with the presence of these hairy pleasers.

hairy coos Burrell Collection blog.

Bright and open, the museum is very easy to wander around at your own pace. The content is easy to absorb and varied enough to keep even the shortest attention spans focussed. I most recently visited with my young nephews and even their hyper approach to life was temporarily sated. This is a good one for all the family.

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