Scotland Walking Routes and Maps

It will come as no surprise that I’m partial to a walk or two. For outdoors-folk, it doesn’t come much better than Scotland and I can’t get enough of our fantastic mountains in particular. That sense of freedom, overwhelming nature, breathtaking views, the gentle whistle (or ferocious torrent as is more often the case) of the wind and the euphoria of leaving the world of tech and turmoil behind. Aye, it’s all very lovely.

What has always annoyed me somewhat though is the lack of adequate guidance for hillwalkers. Route signage is for the most part non-existant and written guidance often leaves me frustrated and/or confused. There’s some resources out there in the digital world for sure but I’ve lost count of the hundreds of times I’ve been led astray up a wrong path or ended up on the wrong mountain altogether (once, ok). And I’m a fairly experienced local! First timers will be hesitant to even bother if they thought getting lost was a genuine liklihood. I get a lot of enquiries along these lines….so time to do something about it.

scotland walking route maps

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I’ve created mapped routes for some of the most popular (and my personal favouite) hiking trails. It’s something that will expand over time but within this section of the site, users can get a good idea of what to expect from some of these world class Highland walks. Using geolocation technology within my interactive digital maps, I’m attempting to make maximum use of the technology available. Walkers can understand in advance the difficulty of the route (although we all have different definitions of ‘difficult’ of course), time indications and, most importantly, the start and end points. Geolocation will also assist with walkers’ physical location when there on mobile devices*. All in all, the aim is to provide all the info that hikers will need in an unambiguous way.


Please Note

*Technology is not without limitation and geolocation is at the mercy of nearby cell towers, phone signals, device type and the like. If you are a regular user of Google Maps you will be familiar with this and I use the same maps on my site. Patience may be required to get your exact spot and you should never be fully reliant on this technology. You will also have to have Location Services switched on on your device and allow Google Maps to use your location. Regardless, having a compass and an old fashioned written map is still best practice.


Scotland’s Best Walking Routes

It will take me quite a hell of a long time to compile the routes for each of the walks that I map out. Starting with the easier ones around Loch Lomond and Perthshire, I will eventually work my way around Argyll, Lochaber and Sutherland. Another excuse to hit the hills. Damn.

Munros and Corbetts will take the majority of the focus and what’s here will be a combination of most popular hikes and ones that I really like and recommend. Whether just starting out on mountain hiking or more of a seasoned pro, there will be something that takes your fancy. Click on the page tabs below this menu to see some of the options.