Walking Ben Lawers – Map the Route

A fabulous introduction to Munro-bagging for those in the early stages, Ben Lawers is amongst the best walks in Perthshire. With glorious Loch Tay to the south and views to the Cairngorms to the north, it’s a stunner on a sunny day. The route includes summiting neighbouring Beinn Ghlas, giving you two Munros in one hit.

Height: 1214 metres (3983 feet). Making it one of Scotland’s most accessible Munros.

Time Taken: Around 5 hours return. Allow time for food stops, photos and factor in bad weather if applicable.

Difficulty: Moderate. A fairly lengthy hike but one helped by parking in the NTS car park and giving yourself a head start. Just head north off the A827 and follow the minor road to reach the (charged) parking area.

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Ben Lawers Hiking Map

You can track the full route for Ben Lawers in the interactive map below. It starts at the NTS car park and you re-trace your steps on the return. Zoom in and out as needed and, to help guide you further, this map is built with geolocation incorporated into it. That means when you are physically there, you can use your mobile device to see where you are in relation to the route. Please note that your real time location marker may not be exact 100% of the time and is at the mercy of Google geolocation. You will also need to allow Location Services on your device for it to work – same as you would for a Google Map. Therefore, a good, old-fashioned map is still advisable for all rural walking routes.

Using the Map

Take note of the icons running vertically on the left of the map. From top to bottom you can:

  • Zoom in and out of the map.
  • Make the map fullscreen on your device (the ‘broken square’ icon).
  • See where you are by geolocation (the dot icon). You can switch this on and off with one press. Note my above points about geolocation and that geolocation can never be 100% accurate.
  • Return the map to its starting position (the ‘house’ icon).

The map format has been pre-set to street map style. You can, though, change the map appearance via the icon in the top right eg. to Terrain. Note the numbers along the route, they represent each mile clocked up to give added awareness of the distances involved. Below the map you’ll also be able to track the elevation based on the same mile markers.