Walking Ben Ledi – Map the Route

Below you’ll find the walking route for Ben Ledi in the Trossachs region of Scotland. Translated from Gaelic as the ‘Hill of the Long Shoulder’ it’s a very popular option for day trippers looking for a bit of exercise without too much exertion. You’ll find this southern Highland beauty around four miles to the north west of the tourist-hub of Callander. On a clear day expect views over the Trossachs, Stirlingshire, Fife, Argyll and, most memorably, the peak of Ben Lomond visible to the west. Parking is available at the very start of the route, after crossing a small car bridge, and following the sign for Strathyre Forest Cabins off the A84.

Height: 879 metres (2884 feet). Making it a Corbett.

Time Taken: Around 3.5-4 hours return.

Difficulty: Easy. Although it comes with some steep stretches, this is not a hugely challenging hike by any means. The route is well pathed throughout and there is the option to continue the hike from the summit, completing a circuit. That option would raise the duration and difficulty level considerably.


Ben Ledi Hiking Map

You can trace the full route in the interactive map below. The green marker indicates the start; red the end. Zoom in and out as needed and, to help guide you further, this map is built with geolocation incorporated into it. That means when you are physically there, you can use your mobile device to see where you are in relation to the route. Please note that your real time location marker may not be exact 100% of the time and is at the mercy of Google geolocation. You will also need to allow Location Services on your device for it to work – same as you would for a Google Map. Therefore, a good, old-fashioned map is still advisable for all rural walking routes.

Using the Map

Take note of the icons running vertically on the left of the map. From top to bottom you can:

  • Zoom in and out of the map.
  • Make the map fullscreen on your device (the ‘broken square’ icon).
  • See where you are by geolocation (the dot icon). You can switch this on and off with one press. Note my above points about geolocation and that geolocation can never be 100% accurate.
  • Return the map to its starting position (the ‘house’ icon).

The map format has been pre-set to street map style. You can, though, change the map appearance via the icon in the top right eg. to Terrain.